Painting Water Lilies and Breaking the Space-time Continuum. Related?

When I took this picture at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens earlier this summer, I figured it would be great to paint it someday.Kenilworth-Aquatic-Gardens-20150609-3335


I was going to hold off until winter, but I just couldn’t wait that long. So today, after work, I gathered my materials and began painting away…

It’s still a work in progress as I had to close up shop after losing daylight. Just before the last bits of light faded away, I took a photo with my camera of this painting. I wanted to capture its progress over time. My boyfriend’s comment was…

You can’t take a picture and then paint the picture and take a picture of that painting… You could end up tearing a hole in the fabric of space-time and get us all stuck in a time-loop!

Later, I printed my picture of my painting of my picture and asked, “Do you want to see the next photo I will paint?” His response:

If you paint that picture and then take a photo of THAT painting, I think my head will explode.

Well, I don’t want that to happen. ;)

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Aileen Keil

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